Three-day oil painting workshop in Hope Valley |

Three-day oil painting workshop in Hope Valley

Staff Reports

Nationally acclaimed artist Charles Muench will be teaching a three-day workshop in Hope Valley, Calif., this spring.

“Not only is Hope Valley one of the most beautiful places in all of the Sierra, it is also one of the most accessible with great scenery, including wildflowers, snow capped peaks and the meandering West Carson river,” said Muench.

Accommodations are available in Markleeville, Hope Valley, and Woodfords.

Attendees of the workshop will receive the most out of each day with demonstrations, painting, critique, and taking in the gestalt derived from a group of artists painting together, said Muench.

“I believe to create good paintings and develop as an artist it is essential that you listen to nature,” said Muench. “The result of this dialog is a distillation of everything that is before you into a statement of heightened reality. Through a contemplative interaction with your subject, you create something that is truly independent of yourself and nature ­— art.”

Contact Muench at, or 265-4454 for deposit, reservation information, materials list, accommodations.