The RC Smoky Report for Aug. 27 |

The RC Smoky Report for Aug. 27

It doesn’t look like we’ll be free of the smoke from the Rim fire until at least the weekend, and that’s because of a windshift. A dense smoke advisory is in place today until 5 p.m. Visibility this morning was at a mile and a half, but it could shrink to a quarter mile this afternoon.

A hearing on an order to show cause is scheduled for this afternoon in the case of Nevada vs. Sierra Country Estates. The gated community off Foothill has a water system that is in trouble for allegedly overusing water rights and some issues with the drinking water regulations.

A man who doused himself with gasoline and tried to light it while riding down Highway 395 in June may appear for arraignment in Douglas County District Court today. Richard E. Vonderscher, 45, has been on the schedule before, so we’ll see if he appears today.

So the forecast for today is smoky with scattered smoke in the morning and increasing smoke in the afternoon. Expect a high temperature of 82 degrees under sunnyish skies, and the dang wind out of the southwest at 5-15 mph, gusting to 25 mph, where it will swirl the smoke around.