The RC Morning Report: Shopping |

The RC Morning Report: Shopping

by Kurt Hildebrand

If you’re reading this you are either not out shopping, or you’ve come back for a refill. It’s Black Friday and the chances of encountering a reporter seeking a story on what is also the slowest news day of the year increase exponentially. So if you see some ink-stained wretch talking instead of shopping, give ’em a pithy quote about looking for a big screen TV.

The National Weather Service actually broke out the snowflakes for the weather forecast. Of course they’re sitting at the end of the line on Tuesday, when there is a slight chance of snow.

It’s pretty frosty out in the Valley still this morning with the temperature sitting at about 20 degrees in Minden. There was an injury accident in the southbound lanes of Highway 395 at Lupin in Carson City at 6:42 a.m., but that should have cleared by now.