The RC Morning Report for Sept. 6 |

The RC Morning Report for Sept. 6

The National Guard is walking and running in Carson this morning in observance of the second anniversary of the IHOP shooting. They started around 6 a.m. and should be wrapping up in the next hour or so.

It’s still smoky out, but it has been smokier. The most recent reading on the air quality monitor in Ranchos Aspen Park is 159, but a little west wind dropped it below 150 early this morning. You can see the veil of smoke across the southeastern Carson Valley. No major fires occurred during our red flag warning on Thursday.

It’s a little early for an official update on the Rim fire, but the GeoMAC viewer is showing active burning in the northwestern and southeastern flanks. It looks like firefighters have stopped it from threatening Yosemite Valley. The national situation report lists the fire at 237,241 acres, which might mean the infrared mapper’s still broke. But they’re demobilizing firefighters, down to 3,600, which is a good sign. Containment remains Sept. 20. The bill for that hunter’s fire? $84.8 million.

The southwest wind will be back this afternoon, bringing smoke with it tonight through Saturday morning. On Saturday afternoon a west wind should help push the smoke out, and keep the Valley relatively clear through Sunday. Expect a high temperature of 84 today under sunny skies.