The RC Morning Report for May 3 |

The RC Morning Report for May 3

Fatality in Hawthorne

The Nevada Highway Patrol is working a fatal accident at 10th and Armory in Hawthorne this morning. The accident was reported at 2:04 a.m. It’s well off the main drag, so there shouldn’t be any problems for travelers passing through town.

New burn ordinance

Douglas County commissioners introduced a rewritten burn ordinance at their meeting on Thursday and approved money to engineer reconstruction of Waterloo Lane between Centerville and Highway 88. They also cleared the way to re-bid the 2013 road seal and overlay project to take advantage of additional funding. They got through their meeting on Thursday in good order, adjourning at 4:15 p.m.

Sunny and warm today

It will be sunny and warm today with a high temperature forecast to hit 76 degrees. But starting Saturday night, there’s a chance of thunderstorms increasing into Sunday and Monday. High temperatures are expected to drop into the 50s by early next week.