The RC Morning Report for June 7 |

The RC Morning Report for June 7

No bottles or cans in Gardnerville

Welcome to Carson Valley Days eve. A reminder that bottles and cans will be off limits on any street or any place outdoors that’s open to the public in Gardnerville starting at 5 p.m. today. Restaurants will stop serving cans and bottles by 9 p.m. and those can only be on the premises. Nobody wants to have to dodge beer bottles and cans, least of all the people who are supposed to keep us safe tonight. If you’re caught with a can or bottle the deputies will take it away from you and may hand you a $1,000 ticket, if they don’t take you away.

Dancing feet are happy feet

There’s plenty to do besides mill about downtown and drink. There’s live music both behind Buckaroo’s and at Lampe Park. The sign in the window says Buckaroo’s is also sponsoring a dodge ball competition. Stay out of trouble, and we’ll see you bright and early for the Carson Valley Days parade.

Ready for parade day

The big signs on either end of town have synced up now and say Highway 395 will close at 8 a.m. The runners are due to start at 8:15 a.m., so expect the highway to actually shut down a little bit before 8. I think I saw one sign say the road was closed until 1 p.m. That’s unlikely. Generally, as the parade passes, so does the road closure. I’d be surprised if Highway 395 was still shut down at noon.

We’re having a heat wave

Today’s high temperature is probably going to top the record of 96 set in 2003 with a forecast 97 degrees. Saturday’s going to be hotter, which means the record of 97, also set in 2003, will also likely fall to the forecast 98 degrees. The Weather Service is forecasting that we’ll see some substantial cooling by Monday, but predicting when these high pressure zones move can be tricky.