The RC Morning Report for June 25 |

The RC Morning Report for June 25

The last report from the trail for the Pony Express rider is from 10:40 p.m. that the rider was headed for Roberts Creek Ranch, which puts it about dead center in the middle of the state. The Pony Express hotline number is down, so the only way to track the rider is the web site at

According to the report, the rider was three hours late last night, but the maps and schedule don’t bear that out. According to the schedule, the rider is supposed to be at Railroad Pass at 8 a.m. Roberts Creek Ranch is south and west of that location, which means they might be ahead of schedule. The rider is due in Cold Springs near Middlegate at 1 p.m. That should be the test.

The Douglas County Public Library is hosting an “I Dig Dinosaurs” puppet show 4 p.m. today at the CVIC Hall in Minden. Call the library or go to their website at for more information.

I’d be surprised if we had a whole tenth of an inch of rain over the last 24 hours in the Sierra foothills. For being as overcast as it is, this storm hasn’t been much of a moisture producer. There’s a slim chance we’ll see some more rain today and then the wind comes and blows it all to the east.

The National Weather Service is forecasting that we’ll return to record warm temperatures starting Friday, with highs 10-15 degrees hotter than average. I looked up the records for June 27 through July 1, and they’re all 100 degrees. Best chance is on Sunday when the forecast is for the temperature to hit 100.