The RC Morning Report for July 9 |

The RC Morning Report for July 9

There doesn’t appear to have been any flooding as a result of a half-inch of rain reported in the Bison burn area on Thursday night. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t, just that our sources are silent on the matter. A fire started by a lightning strike reported in Blossom Canyon at 5:10 p.m. is being called a false alarm by the Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch.

The California Highway Patrol has scheduled a DUI checkpoint 5-8 p.m. Saturday in Mono County, but they’re not saying where. I wager it’s going to be on Highway 395 somewhere, but always behave as if there’s a DUI checkpoint right around the corner. In other words, don’t drink and drive.

Genoa’s going to be hip deep in runners early Saturday morning as the first Genoa Madathon gets going. With anywhere between 150 and 200 runners, some of whom will be tackling Genoa Peak, it’s going to be busy in Nevada’s first settlement.

Smoke plume detector says we’re clear, so any haze left over in the Valley is a local product. There’s a chance we’ll see some isolated showers or thunderstorms after noon. Otherwise expect mostly sunny skies and a high near 81 degrees.