The RC Morning Report for Aug. 1 |

The RC Morning Report for Aug. 1

We raise the red flag at 10 a.m. today as low humidity and gusty winds combine for critical fire weather in Western Nevada through 8 p.m. The National Weather Service is forecasting west to southwest winds 15-25 mph, gusting to 35 mph at times. Wind prone areas may see 40 mph winds. Humidity will drop to 5-15 percent. My bet is that today is a no-burn day in the East Fork Fire District, or pretty much anywhere.

Douglas County commissioners will discuss whether they’re willing to take on the Sierra Country Estates water system this afternoon. The private system for the gated community is failing as the state seeks a receivership. Commissioners meet 1 p.m. today at the historic courthouse, 1616 Eighth St. in Minden.

One good thing about the wind is that it might clear the smoke that’s gathered thanks to the Aspen fire burning in California. The Bison fire put up a plume every day for a week and we didn’t get this much smoke in the Valley. Until and unless the wind blasts the smoke out, expect continued haze as the Aspen fire continues to burn. Down in Mammoth Lakes, they’ve issued a stage 1 health advisory due to smoke for today.

It will be breezy today under sunny skies with the high hitting 83 degrees. My thermometer is reading 57 degrees this morning north of Genoa, and it’s relatively still out. Humidity right now is at 43 percent across the Valley.