The RC Morning Report for April 25 |

The RC Morning Report for April 25

Gold concern eyes Pine Nuts

A gold mining company has secured an option to buy 160 acres in Douglas County’s Eagle Mining District. They’re calling it the Gypsy Mine, but that’s not a name that shows up on our maps. But there are several mines in that district, including the old Winters Mine, and the Ruby Hill Mine, on the Mammoth Ledge. Before you grab your shovels, the folks at Gold Mining USA say an independent report says the mine will yield 15-16 grams a ton, which is about half an ounce of gold.

Drought will continue

The very fact they issue a drought report pretty much sums up the irrigation prospects for this summer. Irrigators on the Carson will have water available during the spring runoff, or until about June. On the main stem of the Walker, they’re looking at 13 percent of the average allotment.

Fire danger increasing

Fire danger in the Sierra’s timbered areas will be particularly high from Inyo County to the southern Cascades thanks to a second winter with below average moisture. Forecasters say the major danger there is dry summer lightning storms, which could start a conflagration.

Sunny today

No danger of lightning today, though as the forecast calls for sunny skies and a high of 74 degrees. The wind will be out of the east at 5 mph. Looks like we’re going to get out of April without any further precipitation.