The RC Morning Report for April 12 |

The RC Morning Report for April 12

TRPA divorce bill repeal moves forward

A bill to repeal the TRPA divorce law made it through the Senate Committee on Natural Resources by a 3-2 vote on Thursday, the AP reported. The bill would repeal Senate Bill 271 which passed the 2011 session. The bill will go to the senate floor.

Goldilocks in the dock

The law finally catches up with Goldilocks, than blonde burglar who started the whole conflict between bears and humans by breaking furniture and eating someone else’s porridge while they were out for a walk in the woods. The Carson Valley Middle School will present “Goldilocks on Trial” on Saturday to benefit Austin’s House. Times for this and other weekend events are in today’s calendar in The Record-Courier.

Windy weekend, with more snow

The weekend weather front will be rolling in on a big breeze Saturday, with winds starting at 5-15 mph increasing 15-25 mph, gusting to 35 mph. The rain’s not due until Sunday night, and then colder temperatures and snow again.