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Header: Moon over Minden

Douglas County merchants took in $43.66 million in taxable sales in April, according to figures released by the state on Wednesday. That’s an 8.4 percent increase over April of 2012. That’s despite the county’s largest category, food and drinking places, coming in down 2.1 percent. The two big jumps this year was a 15.2 percent surge for general merchandise stores and an 89 percent increase in building materials and garden equipment.

It was a slow going for the Pony Express Re-ride through the Sierra last night. The rider lost more than an hour, leaving Rossmoor, Calif., at 6:51 a.m., only 17 minutes ahead of schedule. Nevada turned the mochila over to California at 9:46 a.m., 1 hour and 45 minutes ahead of schedule.

As the excessive heat warning creeps north and west from the center of Nevada, the forecast for Sunday continues to nudge upward. Now it’s for 101 degrees, a degree hotter than the record set in 1972. The high temp for Monday is also at 101 degrees, which would also knock out that record.

Today will top out at a comparatively cool 94 degrees under sunny skies. Enjoy while it lasts. We’re looking at a slight chance of thunderstorms on Friday and then Ma Natures kicks on the heater.