The R-C Morning Report: Halloween tricks |

The R-C Morning Report: Halloween tricks

by Kurt Hildebrand

It’s a little bit foggy out on this All Saints Day, but there does seem to be a shortage of shattered pumpkins in the street. Maybe I’m just driving through the wrong neighborhoods. I’m told the authorities were after a red quad runner in connection with a theft from a trick-or-treater and that a couple of golf carts were spirited away.

Douglas County commissioners meet 1 p.m. today in their chambers located at 1616 Eighth St. in Minden. Among the items on the agenda is the consolidation of the Sierra Forest Fire District into the East Fork Fire Protection District, a second reading of the bear-proof container ordinance and the appeal of a decision by the planning commission on the Minden Gateway Center.

The state is paving on 2 miles of Kingsbury today starting 3.3 miles up the grade. Traffic will be down to one lane.

There aren’t going to many changes in the weather over the next week. Highs in the 60s, lows in the 20s and sunny skies. Today’s high will hit 61 degrees and the low will drop to 26. Same same through next Wednesday.