The R-C Morning Report for Oct. 28 |

The R-C Morning Report for Oct. 28

Gardnerville, Nev. — R-C subscribers will probably get an email to sign up to their accounts sometime today as a new back-end system is implemented. It’s not spam, it’s us trying to get you reconnected to the Internet. You might need to come up with a modified password, if your old one wasn’t secure enough.

Apparently Monday’s smoke was coming from the Eldorado National Forest west of Echo Summit, according to the National Weather Services’ Fire Weather Program Manager. He said meteorologists spotted a big plume of smoke on the satellite coming from there and into South Lake Tahoe and Carson City.

The leaky latex tanker truck has apparently been repaired and is gone from the Ironwood chain-up spot, which is where it was last night. I figure someone got a new cap, or some plastic and a hoseclamp to fix the issue.

Sonora Pass above Pickel Meadows was closed this morning due to snow, which is a good sign, though the snow telemetry for the site isn’t showing much in the way of accumulation.

The rain is falling now, even though it wasn’t supposed to arrive until after 11 a.m. Expect maybe a tenth of an inch total in the forecast. It’s very warm out this morning, but it will get cold after the storm passes, so if you’ve still got hoses hooked up, disconnect them.