The R-C Morning Report for Oct. 14 |

The R-C Morning Report for Oct. 14

Staff Reports

A bear was hit and killed at about 9 p.m. on Jacks Valley Road near Genoa Lakes Drive. The driver said the bear ran alongside him for a short distance before running in front of his pickup.

It’s Columbus Day for the rest of the country, meaning federal offices are closed (who’d notice?) as are government offices in California. We traded Columbus Day for Nevada Day, which this year will be observed on Oct. 25, with the parade on Oct. 26. We’ll observe real Nevada Day, Oct. 31, by trick or treating.

It’s clear and cold this morning with 30 degrees down in the bottomland and a pretty thick mist along the river. I didn’t see any sign of pogonip on the fenceline, so it didn’t get that cold. Today will be sunny with a high temperature of 61 degrees.

We had about a fifth of an inch of rain on Sunday and there’s snow in the mountains. The snow telemetry is showing about a tenth of an inch fell in the mountains.