The R-C Morning Report for Oct. 10 |

The R-C Morning Report for Oct. 10

Genoa, Nev. — A South Lake Tahoe man faces prison at his sentencing today for felony driving under the influence. Marcos Cervantes, 39, is not eligible for diversion. Under Nevada law a third DUI in seven years is punishable by a mandatory 1-6 year prison sentence.

The Legislature is in session today to debate raising Clark County’s room tax to subsidize the construction of a stadium for the Oakland Raiders in Las Vegas. The ultimate decision-makers on this deal will be the National Football League.

I hope to find out more about the tanker truck that rolled over on Highway 89 near the junction with 395 early Sunday morning. I’ll publish what I get when I get it.

It’s going to be a very nice Indigenous Peoples, er … I mean Columbus Day today with a high temperature of 77 degrees under mostly sunny skies. No mail though, and most banks are closed.