The R-C Morning Report for Nov. 7 |

The R-C Morning Report for Nov. 7

The county will be dealing with its own health care crisis today when commissioners discuss contracts for medical and pharmacy coverage at their regular meeting today. Also on the agenda are four proposals for Community Development Block Grants. Douglas County commissioners meet in the historic Minden courthouse at 1 p.m. The meeting times out at three hours, but expect it to go longer.

Also on the agenda is an agreement with Carson City to provide health services to Douglas at a cost savings of $41,790. A related resolution sets fees for those services, including restaurant inspections, which we’ll be publishing in The Record-Courier starting in January. The state provides those services now.

The first month of the water year didn’t help the drought. Minden reported a third of an inch of rain during October, nearly half its average for the month. December, January and February are the big moisture months on average, but the actual weather doesn’t own a calendar.

The temperature is above freezing this morning under partly cloudy skies. Expect a southwest wind to pick up this afternoon at 5-10 mph increasing to 15-20 mph in the afternoon, and gusting to 30 mph. The high today could just about touch 70.