The R-C Morning Report for Nov. 18 |

The R-C Morning Report for Nov. 18

Genoa, Nev. — The cause of a house fire on Sierra Shadows Lane on Thursday morning has been traced to the fireplace, but is so far undetermined Fire Investigator Terry Taylor said on Thursday night.

A turtle’s habitat consisting of a plastic tub and a heat lamp is being blamed for the Redwood Circle fire. The turtle survived, though firefighters reported that it was warm to the touch. So, yeah, I’m blaming the turtle.

The recent arrest of a woman in Minden for selling marijuana edibles to high school students is a reminder that even with Nevada’s new marijuana law, there’s nothing legal about giving pot to teenagers.

It’s the Friday before Thanksgiving week. I don’t know what that is the busiest of, but be careful on the highways going home tonight. It’s dark early and some folks may be having trouble adapting to that as we’ve had two wrecks in two days on 395 right around commute time.

It’s a frosty 20 degrees outside in my neck of the woods. Expect mostly cloudy skies and a balmy 53 degrees today. Some rain may be coming in over the weekend.