The R-C Morning Report for March 24 |

The R-C Morning Report for March 24

Gardnerville, Nev. — It’s the East Fork Fire & Paramedic Districts’ turn to participate in the county’s budget workshop today at 4 p.m. The county board of commissioners sits as the district’s board of trustees. The sewer and water funds are up after that. The workshop reserves three hours, but was done in half that time on Monday.

The drought statement came out this morning, and, yep, we’re still in a drought, and have been since October 2011. Irrigations districts are urging their users to water early in the season to avoid losing what little water they have to evaporation.

As of this morning the Carson River basin is sitting at 14 percent of median snow water equivalent after receiving only half its average precipitation and having some very warm days to melt the snowpack off.

It’s pretty warm out this morning at 43 degrees and the Weather Service says there’s a chance for showers before 11 a.m. Looking out the window, I’m not sure I agree that it’s mostly cloudy out.