The R-C Morning Report for June 30 |

The R-C Morning Report for June 30

Genoa, Nev. — We may see some drift smoke from the 1,000-acre Trailhead fire burning along the middle fork of the American River. It’s certainly generating some and it seems like it’s headed this way.

There’s nothing new this morning on the Kingsbury bank robbery. If something pops, we’ll get it online.

A bad May didn’t help Stateline’s gaming numbers for the year. The chief source of Douglas County’s gaming tax revenue came in at 15.12 percent below the same month last year. With just June to go in the fiscal year, total gaming revenue is down 4.75 percent. East Fork and Carson City were also down 6 percent, which brings them in at pretty much even for the year.

Expect another hot day today, with the high hitting 95 degrees under skies that will get hazier as the 5-10 mph west wind bring smoke into the Valley.