The R-C Morning Report for June 13 |

The R-C Morning Report for June 13

There’s a plan afoot to cut down the piñon pine located directly behind the flagpole in front of the historic Douglas County courthouse. According to my source, cutting down the tree is part of an effort to spruce up the county grounds for the courthouse centennial, which is next year. Reports are that the tree was planted around 1966, which would make it 50 years since the county seat moved to Minden.

It’s Carson Valley Days eve, which means downtown Gardnerville will be bubbling and popping tonight. There’s plenty to do tonight besides mill about by the highway and drink. Enjoy one of the concerts. Then turn in early enough to enjoy the parade on Saturday without an icepack and a set of ear muffs.

Movies in the Park take placer in Gardnerville. We had a headline on page two that claimed they were in Minden for some reason. Our deepest apologies.

The weather for the today and the parade will be much cooler, with highs in the 70s. That’s a darn sight better than last year’s record-breaking heat wave, which accompanied the celebration.