The R-C Morning Report for June 13 |

The R-C Morning Report for June 13

Genoa, Nev. — Early voting is over with 4,606 Douglas County residents casting a ballot as of Friday night. If you’ve still go an absentee ballot out, you can drop it off anytime up to close of voting 7 p.m. Tuesday. The total amounts to about 18 percent of the active voters in the county.

Turnout is going be far higher among Republicans than other parties in Douglas for this primary with 23 percent of GOP voters casting a ballot so far. My bet is that voter turnout will hit near 50 percent turnout on Tuesday.

A man previously convicted of a felony faces 1-6 years in prison this morning after he admitted to having a pistol in his pocket when he was pulled over last year. Justin A. Clark, 39, is due to appear today for sentencing.

The Sierra south of here got hosed over the weekend with 1.7 inches of rain reported in the Sierra west of Crowley Lake. Mammoth got 1.27 inches of rain. Our little storm here dropped .05 inches on Saturday night.

It’s going to be next weekend before temperatures start to warm back up into the upper 80s again. Expect today to hit 78 degrees with breezy conditions.