The R-C Morning Report for Dec. 26 |

The R-C Morning Report for Dec. 26

There’s a pretty thick bit of fog at Highway 395 and Muller Lane and on Genoa Lane by the Settelmeyer silos this morning. I’m sure it’s clinging to the river in other parts of the Valley, so be careful driving this morning.

We had a little Christmas shaker 7:48 p.m. Wednesday near Poor Boy Creek Road just west of the intersection of highways 89 and 4 in Alpine County. At 1.6, it was pretty minor.

The air quality in Carson Valley was moderate for most of the morning, but if this temperature inversion continues we’ll see it get steadily worse.

And there’s no reason for the inversion to go anywhere through New Year. We might have a light breeze at points during the next week, but nothing to scrub the smoke out of the air. Expect areas of freezing fog until around 10 a.m., then sunny with a high near 49 degrees.