The R-C Morning Report for Dec. 16 |

The R-C Morning Report for Dec. 16

We’re doing Christmas lights for Friday’s edition, so if you’ve got someone’s lights you think are particularly attractive drop me a line at and we’ll publish the address. If you’ve got pictures that would be even better. There are only nine shopping days until Christmas.

The continued arraignment is today of a Carson City man accused of burglarizing the Genoa Bar on Jan. 15. Lenox Lacour, 29, is serving a prison term for stealing and wrecking running vehicles in Carson City last February.

Also in court this morning is Steven W. Cozad, who may have violated his probation by getting arrested in Lyon County. Cozad was convicted of leaving a controlled burn smoldering and starting the TRE fire in May 2012. He was also convicted of stealing copper from a ranch, which resulted in his probation.

The fog was pretty thick coming into work this morning, and I think we’ll see some nice pogonip in the trees today and Tuesday. Right now the temperature is about 15 degrees out. Expect the high to climb to 41 today.