The R-C Morning Report for Aug. 19 |

The R-C Morning Report for Aug. 19

Genoa, Nev. — We’ll be looking for the identification of the man shot in the Gardnerville Ranchos on Tuesday night and to discover what his condition. Deputies responded to a home near the intersection of Ann Way and Lassen to find the shooting victim.

Maybe it’s the heat, maybe it’s the smoke, but there has been an uptick of domestic violence calls lately. I just posted a couple of the worst.

Only one person was injured in a vehicle accident on Highway 395 and the bug station near Topaz Lake. Initial reports was that a vehicle being towed by a motor home got loose and ran into an oncoming car. A Ford pickup and a PT Cruiser were involved.

Air quality has been bouncing back and forth from good to moderate since last night. People ask what fire it’s from, and the answer … all of them. The sunrise this morning is pink from the smoke.

Expect sunny, but hazy skies today with the high temperature in the mid-90s. The wind will pick up this afternoon out of the west at 5-10 mph, which might clear the smoke out, or it might just bring more in.