The R-C Morning Report for April 22 |

The R-C Morning Report for April 22

It’s still raining in places this morning and there’s snow in the mountains, with a few road controls in the very highest spots. Chains or four-wheel drive and snow tires are required on 89 from Meyers to Pickett’s Junction and up over Carson Pass. Chains or snow tires are required over the Mount Rose Summit. There’s a wind alert through Washoe Valley.

We had a lot of stuff going on Monday evening, including a guy who reportedly took off from Tahoe Township Justice Court when they were getting ready to put the cuffs on him. Deputies spent the better part of two hours looking for him before I believe they impounded his car.

The storm that brought a little rain and a little snow to Western Nevada will bring much colder temperatures tonight. Expect lows to drop to around 30 degrees in the Valley and much colder in the mountains. If you’ve got plants you want to keep, cover them. Might not be a bad idea to disconnect the hoses, just in case.