The R-C Morning Report for April 15 |

The R-C Morning Report for April 15

It doesn’t sound as though a two-vehicle collision at Highway 88 and Centerville on Monday just before 5 p.m. resulted in major injuries. I’ll make sure today. Around the same time on Monday someone got stuck while walking in the Walker River irrigation canal east of Topaz Lake. Rescuers managed to get them out without bringing in Search & Rescue.

Kingsbury is not closed at the summit, yet. Night work is going on through the end of April. On May 1, the state plans to close Kingsbury at the summit. That means Valley residents will have to go around until May 23.

While Kingsbury may be under construction, the Muller Lane crossing of the Virginia Canal is complete, and you can take the Pine Nut roundabout to the Gardnerville Walmart. The road connects to Grant Avenue.

This year tax day coincides with Tax Freedom Day in Nevada, both of which happen to be today. Nevada’s No. 25 on the list, which has Connecticut at No. 1 and Louisiana at No. 50. According to the Tax Foundation, Tax Freedom Day is the date that residents of a state have worked long enough to pay all tax obligations at the federal, state and local level.

It’s forecast to be breezy today with the wind out of the west at 5-10 mph, increasing to 15-20 mph and gusting to 30 mph in the afternoon. The high temperature should hit 71 degrees.