The R-C Morning Report |

The R-C Morning Report

by Kurt Hildebrand

It’s cold out this morning, with 5 degrees at the courthouse in Minden. I can’t tell if we’ve got a fog bank out this morning, but I’d make a deposit that there is. The roads are clear, so far today with no accidents or highway controls to deal with.

We’ve officially had a pretty good water year so far, according to the National Weather Service and the Natural Resources Conservation Service. The Weather Service table is showing Markleeville received 314 percent of its average moisture for the month of December, Minden’s at 303 percent and Carson City is at a whopping 351 percent. If Minden didn’t get another drop of moisture until the water year ends on Sept. 30, it will have received 92 percent of average.

These things really count in the mountains, though, and the news up there isn’t too bad. Ebbetts Pass snow telemetry is showing 194 percent of average with 17.6 inches of moisture for December. That’s two-thirds of average for the year with January and February still to go. We’ve had drought years with worse precipitation for the whole year than we’ve had so far.

Expect the fog to linger in the Valley’s low spots this morning clearing by 10 a.m. The temperature will warm up to 35 degrees once the sun’s out. We’ll be seeing fog again on Friday morning but it should clear by the weekend when the wind picks up a little and mixes up the air.