The R-C Morning Report |

The R-C Morning Report

by Kurt Hildebrand

If you’ve got business with the county or state that doesn’t involve voting or getting hitched, you should do it today, because Friday’s the Nevada Day holiday. The mail will run as normal and federal offices will be open their usual hours.

With two days left in early voting, Douglas County had another 986 voters cast early ballots, tying the second place single day total for this season. So far 7,987 people have cast ballots, representing 35 percent of the total active voters. Democrats are still lagging Republicans in turnout with 40 percent of the county’s majority party turning out to 32 percent of the Democrats and 24 percent of nonpartisans and minor party members.

Today’s weather will be sunny and reasonably nice with a high near 59 degrees and a south wind between 5 and 10 mph. The clouds will start to roll in tonight. There are all sorts of weather watches and warnings on three sides of us, but nothing for the central Sierra, yet.