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The R-C Morning Report

A former California man who held up two people in South Lake Tahoe with a pellet gun faces up to 10 years in prison at sentencing this morning in Douglas County District Court. Dylan B. Burdick is serving eight years in California prison for the robberies he committed on that side of the border in 2004 to feed his drug addiction. He’s scheduled to appear before District Judge Michael Gibbons today.

A Gardnerville man with simultaneous felony DUI hearings winding through the courts is scheduled to be arraigned on the most recent one today. Patrick McKinnon, 54, was in a diversion program for repeat offenders when he allegedly got behind the wheel on Sept. 12 with a snootful, defined as a .24 blood alcohol content in this case. He faces 12-30 months on each charge.

The chance of rain is really pretty slim on this Columbus Day. If it isn’t raining, the high will hit 73 under partly cloudy skies with wind 5-15 mph, gusting up to 20 mph.