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The R-C Morning Report

About an inch of snow fell in Gardnerville this morning sticking to the pavement of Highway 395 making it a little bit slippery. It looks like the snow’s taking a break, but it may be back soon. A winter weather advisory is in effect until noon.

A noninjury accident at Highway 395 and Airport Road may be directly related to the snow. A vehicle hit a post in the middle of the road, according to a caller. Sounds like the vehicle managed to disentangle itself. The NHP Web site is showing a noninjury accident at Highway 50 and Caverock up at Tahoe and an injury accident on Highway 95 near Yerington.

Douglas County deputies are looking for Gardnerville business owners this morning for something to do with broken windows. I’ve heard El Aguila Real and Lentine’s on the police scanner this morning.

The temperatures is supposed to get up to 34 today before it drops back into single digits tonight. Friday will only be slightly warmer during the day.