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The R-C Morning Report

by Kurt Hildebrand

TV News station KTVN is reporting that a former Douglas High School student is one of three soldiers kidnapped in an attack over the weekend. The television station talked to high school principal Marty Swisher about the student, although it is unclear whether Swisher was a source or was providing reaction to information provided to him by the news crew. The Department of Defense has not revealed the identity of the missing soldier, but has said the soldier’s family has been notified.

A Gardnerville Ranchos man who had a permit to grow marijuana is seeking to have a search warrant and evidence that led to his arrest and the seizure of 50 pounds of pot this morning. James D. Gilbert is asking Judge Dave Gamble to suppress the search warrant and evidence that resulted in an Oct. 5 raid. Gilbert’s attorney, Derrick Lopez, is arguing that officers had time to check with the Nevada Department of Agriculture to determine whether Gilbert’s marijuana crop was legitimate before conducting the raid. Under Nevada’s medical marijuana law, a caregiver may grow the plant with a permit for a patient.

The weather today will be warm and sunny with a high temperature hitting 81 degrees today and climbing up to 83 degrees by Wednesday. The warm weather is keeping the Carson’s East Fork at about 4.62 feet, well short of anything resembling flood stage. The West Fork is flowing at 11.43 feet, about 2 and a half feet short of flood stage. As the snow melts off the high Sierra, flows will drop rapidly.