The R-C Morning Report |

The R-C Morning Report

by Kurt Hildebrand

The brunt of a storm that was supposed to arrive earlier this morning appears to have stalled. The National Weather Service predicting that we will have rain showers today with a 60 percent chance of precipitation mostly after 11 a.m. It appears we’ve already had some showers with wet roads on the west side, but not a lot. Winds will keep blowing with gusts up to 29 mph. It was 50 degrees in Genoa this morning, so it’s still pretty warm.

Temperatures are expected to drop back below freezing tonight and stay there until Friday. It couldn’t hurt to unhook the hoses today, should you have participated in a little late winter watering after our recent warm spell. The highs for the rest of the week should be in the 60s.

There are no road controls at present and since the weather’s not coming in for a while, I doubt there will be. If for some reason you’re headed between Hawthorne and Lee Vining this week on Highway 359, find another route. The highway closed Monday morning for the transport of hazardous materials and will remain closed until 2 p.m. April 6.

The county’s Web site appears to be down this morning. I’ve got a call in to the county manager’s office to see what’s up.