The R-C Morning Report |

The R-C Morning Report

by Kurt Hildebrand

Heavenly Ski Resort reports receiving 3 inches of snow on Wednesday, and the forecast calls for more coming in over the weekend. Kirkwood reported 7 inches at the summit and 5 inches of snow at the base, with nearly four feet falling in the last week. The Ranchos received .12 inches of rain on Wednesday.

I’m not sure this March has quite qualified as a miracle, but it certainly has helped the overall water picture. As of this morning, the basin wide percent of average for the Carson River is 42 percent. It’s closer to half if you take out Monitor Pass, which is affected by the even dryer Walker River Basin. At the beginning of the month the Carson was at 31 percent.

We’ve got a high wind watch from Friday evening through Saturday afternoon as a new front rolls into Carson Valley in time for the weekend. Expect 20-40 mph winds gusting to 70 mph. On the other side, we’ve got rain and snow due in on Saturday.

Today, on the other hand, will be reasonably nice, though mostly cloudy. The high is expected to crack 64 degrees and there will be a bit of wind, but nothing that will make the lawn furniture dance.