The R-C Morning Report |

The R-C Morning Report

by Kurt Hildebrand

Ellen Caywood sent us a note last night that said there is one ticket left for the melodrama fundraiser for the Douglas County Historical Society. Congratulations to the society and to the person who gets that last ticket.

Minden Town Board members will hear a request for $5,000 from the Carson Valley Reforestation and Beautification Foundation folks, who propose planting more than 100 more trees along Highway 395 between Genoa and Muller lanes. They’ve already been out planting a fraction of the trees thanks to our recent wet weather.

The weather has prompted a few minor road controls in the mountains, including over Interstate 80, along the west side of Lake Tahoe and on 89 from Pickett’s Junction to Meyers and over Echo Summit. There’s also a minor accident on Highway 208 two miles into Lyon County.

The weather service is really playing the precipitation forecasts close to the vest. There wasn’t any sign of rain in the forecast on Tuesday morning, and yet this morning it’s raining. Once the clouds clear, the temperature will get up around 49 degrees.