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The R-C Morning Report

by Kurt Hildebrand

I wish I could say that today’s Friday the 13th, and I’m therefore not responsible for whatever disasters occur in print in today’s issue of The R-C. Just to make sure, there are three 13s on the front page today, not to mention one on every page of the newspaper. If things go well, I may put a few bucks on 13 at the casino, assuming there’s a roulette wheel in the Valley.

Today could be lucky for East Fork and Tahoe Township justices of the peace Tom Perkins and Richard Glasson, who have so far made it through the filing period without an opponent. Today is the last day to file in these races, or for Nevada Supreme Court. Next candidate filing is in March for all the rest of the races.

Monday’s holiday makes this the third three-day weekend in four weeks. If you’ve got pressing business with county, state or federal offices, best to conduct it today. The Post Office will be closed today, as will banks and a variety of other businesses. You can count on retailers remaining open.

You know we’ve redlined the dry meter when the National Weather Service issues a fire weather watch in January. The watch is for all day Sunday thanks to low humidity and gusty winds. There’s a chance we’ll see up to 50 mph gusts during the day, so batten down the lawn furniture. Until then expect sunny days with highs in the 50s and lows in the teens. It will be chilly on Martin Luther King Day, with a high of 34. It has been 70 days since there has been measurable precipitation in Carson Valley.