The R-C Morning Report |

The R-C Morning Report

by Kurt Hildebrand

Work on developing the boundaries of Douglas County’s commissioner and school board districts is under way. Without any challenges to the maps prepared by special masters, it appears that Douglas will be united in the state assembly and senate maps. That frees the hands of Clerk Ted Thran to start working on districts within the county. County commissioners must approve the final map.

A man who sold salvaged cars with doctored titles will appear in Douglas County District Court this morning for a restitution hearing. Johnson Lane resident William Wilkins, 55, was sentenced to five years in prison in September in what Judge Michael Gibbons called a case of “flat-out fraud.” Wilkins was also ordered to pay $50,048.03 in restitution. The hearing this morning may see that amount modified.

The rain didn’t make it over the hill over the weekend, and we’re looking at mostly sunny skies with high temperatures tickling the 60s through Thursday. However, the National Weather Service is forecasting snow for Friday. We’ll see how likely that is as we get closer.