The R-C Morning Report |

The R-C Morning Report

by Kurt Hildebrand

The Web site looks different this morning because of the new all access program. Hit the button on the side to register with the site. This month is free, but we’ll be charging for web access in subsequent months. The little key next to an article means that you have to be signed up to read it. The process wasn’t hard, I had to go through it myself this morning, but it requires a little patience. Take a look at the site without logging on to see what we’re offering for free. Thanks so much for reading The Record-Courier online.

Douglas school officials held an open house on Tuesday night to look at ideas for renovation of Douglas High School’s campus. Anticipated for completion by fall 2015, the campus should be ready to welcome its freshman class back into the fold.

Minden Town Board may be picking a town manager tonight. They have five candidates to choose from. The board meets at 5:30 p.m. with the work on the town manager starting sometime after 6:30 p.m.

For all the weather statements and all, I’m a little disappointed in this front we’ve got coming through. Sure it’s 18 degrees out this morning, but where’s the wind, the fury? It’s allegedly coming late tonight when a high wind watch goes into effect. The Weather Service is predicting 30-40 mph winds gusting to 60 mph. By Thursday night, we’ll see rain and snow, with the chance that an inch of snow may accumulate in the Valley.