The R-C Morning Report |

The R-C Morning Report

by Kurt Hildebrand

A thunderstorm that hit in the middle of Candy Dance’s busiest day will prompt Genoa to submit a claim to its event insurance. While the storm didn’t affect booth fees, which is the largest source of income, it did eat into parking and dinner-dance revenues, according to preliminary figures.

A Carson City man accused of being responsible for an injury accident at Rocky Terrace Drive in July is scheduled to appear in East Fork Justice Court today. Michael Hartman, 20, is accused of running a stop sign at Rocky Terrace and Centerville on July 24 and causing the accident.

Indian Hills General Improvement District trustees will discuss a plan to reduce the speed limit inside the district from 25 to 15 mph at their regular meeting 6 p.m. today at their offices located at James Lee Park. Also up for discussion is an agreement between the district and Douglas County for construction of Valley Vista Park’s second phase.

Today will be sunny and warm with a high temperature forecast to by 76. The lows will be hovering around 33 degrees, but might drop below freezing near the river.