The R-C Morning Report |

The R-C Morning Report

by Kurt Hildebrand

An intoxicated, boot-wielding defendant disrupted East Fork Justice Court on Wednesday afternoon, cursing and spitting his way into jail. Perry Ballard, 47, of Gardnerville was scheduled to appear in court on a charge of contempt and unauthorized contact with a prisoner. Ballard was sleeping in the jury box when he suddenly sat up, took off one boot and threw it over his shoulder and then took his other boot and clocked a court officer who was sitting with him. Deputies and court officers escorted Ballard over to the defendant’s table where he spat and cursed at Justice of the Peace Jim EnEarl and court workers. At one point, Ballard bit the foam cover off the defendant’s microphone and spit it out. EnEarl revoked Ballard’s $5,000 bail and the defendant was arrested and taken downstairs to jail.

Next week, Douglas County commissioners will talk about expanding the requirement for bear-proof containers from Lake Tahoe to include the entire county. Bears are capable of ranging all over Carson Valley and have been captured in Genoa and Topaz Ranch Estates. Under the present county ordinance only Lake Tahoe residents are required to have bear-proof containers. The commission meets Jan. 4 in Minden.

We’re back to cold and clear for the days leading up to New Year’s Eve. Today will be mostly sunny with a high temperature of 37 degrees and a low of 9 tonight. Before sunrise in Genoa, the temperature is 19 degrees and the winds are finally still. There’s a slight cloud on the horizon with a slight chance of precipitation on New Year’s Eve.