The power of thought |

The power of thought

by Bridgette DeBoer
Along Our Journey

Thoughts are things. They have matter and density in the subtle fields. The more we think a particular thought the more real it becomes in our life. Thoughts can be a great source of power or pain, depending on how you use them. Wounds have thoughts associated with past hurts. These thoughts are typically false and self defeating. Thoughts like, I’m not good enough and I’m unloveable are unfortunately extremely common.

If we think or speak a thought often enough it becomes a belief. Over time we stop debating and simply introspect them as undisputed truth. As we move through life we have experiences that seem to gather “evidence” supporting these painful beliefs. Unknowingly “proving” something we don’t want to believe in the first place. Soon the experiences we have blend into who we think we are. This can lead to succumbing to a plight we feel is inescapable.

At this point, it feels hopeless to change as we continue to repeat the same patterns over and over. The truth is, the experiences we have had and the beliefs of who we believe ourselves to be are correlational and not causal.

Separating these thoughts and beliefs from the whole of who we are as humans takes mindful work. A desire to overcome the pain is the motivation necessary to remain diligent about catching these nasty thoughts, acknowledging them and then letting them go. Over time, space is created and a clear line is distinguished between you and your thoughts. Enforcing the truth of you are not your thoughts and understanding you need not believe everything you think.

We have such great power. This power can be used to suffer or to overcome. It takes the same amount of energy. This is all easier said than done but it is nonetheless unequivocally possible. The choice is yours.

Bridgette DeBoer M.A., is a licensed alcohol and drug counselor, marriage and family therapist. She can be reached at 450-6632.