The March 6 R-C Morning Report |

The March 6 R-C Morning Report

Genoa, Nev. — I have one word to describe Monday morning’s filing for office … Stampede! More than a score of candidates filed in the morning, and every major announced race was confirmed in the first hour, including assessor, both county commissioner seats and the big one for sheriff.


Under a bill approved in the 2015 Legislature, if there are more than two candidates for nonpartisan office and one gets more than half the votes cast, that person is the winner. Sort of ups the ante for the primary, that’s for sure.


A man who allegedly scooped up casino chips and a purse in a casino in 2016 is scheduled to return to Douglas County District Court this morning. David J. Martinez, 33, is set for an arraignment and discussion of two bench warrants.


Is it sad that I think the actions of the weather are more transparent than those of the Nevada Legislature. Anyhoo, today expect mostly sunny skies and a high temperature of 49 degrees. The wind will be calm until it’s 5 mph out of the east.