The March 15 R-C Morning Report |

The March 15 R-C Morning Report

Genoa, Nev. — I was out at Douglas High School on Wednesday after Dispatch asked the deputies what was going on. The correct answer is not much. I saw a couple of young people climb into a pickup around 9:40 a.m. There was a late start for the school, so they might have been refused entry after turning up even later.


I went around to the football field after a couple of demonstrators said they’d heard that’s where the students were going. A deputy made the circuit of the football field and waved. Otherwise it was quiet, until Heavenly let loose with a great boom, and I nearly jumped out of my shoes.


More than 30 people turned out for a session on the Minden and Gardnerville Plans for Prosperity at the CVIC Hall on Wednesday. I was sitting with Minden chairman Bill Souligny when the presenter asked why Minden can’t keep a grocery store. Why indeed.


A winter storm watch has been upgraded to a warning, but delayed until 8 p.m., so it hopefully shouldn’t have too much effect on tonight’s commute. With 2-4 inches of snow forecast for the Valley, I can’t make the same claim about Friday morning’s drive.


There are road controls in effect for Kingsbury Grade and Highway 50 from Carson City to Glenbrook and through the mountains. It’s not as extensive as Thursday morning, but there’s definitely snow on the highway, according to the traffic cams.


We had flurries on Wednesday, and can pretty much expect the same thing on Thursday. The high should approach 44 degrees, with the wind 10-15 mph gusting to 15-20 mph. This is a Sierra storm, so expect some gusts of 40 mph or so.