The March 13 RC Morning Report |

The March 13 RC Morning Report

by Kurt Hildebrand

New Website unveiled

You’re looking at a whole new this morning. Take a little bit and poke around. Access to the site will be free for this week, but starting March 20, full access will only be available to subscribers. We hope you see things you like. We’d love to hear from you about the site, so drop me a line at if there’s something you like or even something that needs fixing.

Crosswalk for Genoa Trail

Genoans are working with the state on getting a crosswalk over Main Street between the Post Office and the Genoa Vista Trail. In other trail news, the town is a mess thanks to construction on the downtown landscaping and work to correct the final 60 feet of the Vista Trail into town. Other construction is ongoing on Johnson Lane, which was down to one lane while workers fixed the south road edge.

Balmy out this morning

It was practically shirt-sleeve weather out early this morning with the low barely dropping below 40 degrees. Expect the high temperature to hit 70 degrees under sunny skies today.