The Jan. 10 R-C Morning Report |

The Jan. 10 R-C Morning Report

Genoa, Nev. — An 11-unit subdivision in Fish Springs received planning commission approval on Tuesday. Hunter’s Point divides 67 acres in the 5-acre zoning district.


St. Gall is looking for whomever made off with the truck they use to pick up rummage sale items. The white 3/4-ton pickup is a 1992 Dodge with license place 516PAM with a liftgate.


Tahoe resident Cherise Smith was selected to the Douglas County Parks and Recreation Commission. Carson Valley residents Gary Dove and Craig Burnside were appointed to the commission. Bob Cook and Bob Rittenhouse were appointed to the wildlife advisory board on Tuesday night.


We’re ahead of average for precipitation for the first time so far this month with .56 inches in Minden. It’s not even close to the 3.8 inches from January 2017.


We might see a little bit more in the way of showers this morning, but otherwise expect partly sunny skies with a high temperature near 50 degrees. It’s going to be a tad windy today at 10-15 mph, gusting to 25 mph.