Thanks for standing up |

Thanks for standing up


Sometimes surprises come when you least expect. Last year after surviving breast cancer I was prescribed a medication to take daily for five years. The first time I had it filled at Raley’s in Gardnerville the cost was $1,400 for a 90-day supply. I’d come so far in my treatment that I couldn’t stop now and purchased the medication and jokingly told the pharmacy tech that at least I’d get miles on my credit card for a vacation. In June the medication went generic but when I filled it again it was still $1,000. I was told by a friend that Costco was only $60 for a 90 day supply. I was skeptical so I went to Costco and sure enough she was right. Being one who tries very hard to shop locally I went back to Raley’s and the generic was still $1,000. I told the pharmacy tech that with such a significant difference in price I’d have to get it filled at Costco. She understood but was also very upset that there was such a discrepancy in price and she knew of women who didn’t take the recommended medication because it was too expensive. By the time I got home there was a message from her and she had called the main office for Raley’s and told them that the difference in price wasn’t right and got them to lower it.

I just had mine filled again and it was $31.85 for a 90-day supply. When things like this happen we have to be grateful to the people who stand up for us and being Breast Cancer Awareness Month I thought it appropriate to personally thank Tracy and Raley’s for supporting women who survive and to help us continue our treatment at a more reasonable cost.

Kathi Hussman