Thanks for ladies night |

Thanks for ladies night


Another wonderful experience to be enjoyed by about 50 women in the valley. Meeks Lumber had their fall ladies night, Nov. 8 at the Gardnerville store. No matter what the economy, they just keep sponsoring these twice yearly events for us ladies. Many of us continue to come to these events because they are so special.

Not only do we get to make a wonderful craft project, with the help of the store employees, but we also have a wonderful homecooked, hot meal. These meals are prepared by store employees and their spouses who also attend and seem to enjoy it as much as we customers. Not one lady leaves before receiving a wonderful door prize and a parting gift, including a discount coupon for store merchandise. The kindness and enthusiasm the employees and their families impart to us is exceptional. We have a great time watching as those around us have their number called to receive such a nice door prize and then next, our number is called. No one ever leaves empty handed.

I know Meeks has a kids night for the children of the community. I can only imagine what fun and joy Meeks gives to those children and their parents.

Thank you, Meeks, for these special occasions you give to the community. I have met so many special people through the Ladies Nights. I might never have met these people if it weren’t for your continuing efforts to provide these special occasions for us. I am already looking forward to the next ladies night.

Beverly Giannopulos