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Teen’s birthday surprise stolen from family truck

by Maggie O'Neill

Just a day after a 14-year-old’s birthday party in the Gardnerville Ranchos Sand Pits, her birthday gift was stolen.

“Honey, happy birthday, your dirtbike is gone,” Debbie Moore told her daughter Kayla on Monday morning after Kayla’s dad found his daughter’s 1985 KDX 80cc Kawasaki and a 1985 Yamaha Big Wheel used by 17-year-old daughter Valerie gone from the back of their truck.

“She was devastated,” Moore said. “We’re very family-oriented. We are constantly doing stuff with our kids.”

Kayla, a Carson Valley Middle School student, enjoys dirtbiking in the Sand Pits with a close friend, and had used the Big Wheel, an all-terrain vehicle, before receiving her new bike. Her family spends about three evenings each week motocrossing.

“We’re constantly out at the Sand Pits or doing something with our kids, so they’re not in trouble,” Moore said.

The family parked the pick-up truck under a front window of their townhouse on Eldorado Drive off of Waterloo Lane about 8 p.m. Sunday. The area is right behind the Scolari’s in Gardnerville.

A nearby neighbor who returned from work about 12:30 a.m. Monday told the Moores the bikes were still there.

By 7 a.m. Monday morning, Kayla’s dad got ready to go into work. He noticed the straps from the bikes had been cut and that their son’s bike, two tool boxes, a lawn chair, an ice chest, canopies, and other things remained in the truck, but not the Kawasaki and not the Big Wheel.

“We want to get these bikes back,” Debbie said. “It’s good family enjoyment and we do our best to keep our kids out of trouble. We’ve got great kids because we spend time with them. It’s unfortunate that this happened, especially on her birthday.”

The Kawasaki belonged to Kayla’s younger motocross-riding brother Tyler, who is 9, and the Moores had told her they were selling the bike. Tyler got a new bike about three months ago, and the Moores replaced the tires, plastic, chain, and sprocket on the Kawasaki and rebuilt the front end.

They removed Tyler’s motocross number 576 and replaced it with Kayla’s softball number – three.

“We had it in the back of the truck (Sunday) and told her a guy that my husband works with was coming out to look at the bike,” Moore said. “We asked her to see if the handle bars were in the right spot. And, of course, everybody was gathered around and we said, ‘It’s a lie, it’s your dirt bike.’

“She said, ‘Are you serious?'”

Moore is asking that anyone with information call her at 782-7400 or 790-3534. The two bikes are worth about $1,500.

“It was a huge impact financially,” Moore said. “The Kawasaki was in really good shape. We got a really good deal on it and it had one owner prior to us, who happened to be a mechanic for Kawasaki.”

Kayla still has part of Sunday’s birthday gift and that’s the riding gear her family gave her – purple pants and a top with Hawaiian flowers and brand new white boots.

“We will get our daughter something else,” Moore said. “It’s going to take a while.”

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