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Teen party house opens parents’ eyes

by Caryn Haller

Shannon Litz/R-C File Photo

The Partnership of Community Resources is giving parents an inside look at what can happen when a teen party gets out of control.

The fourth annual Teen Parties Exposed tours are 5, 6 and 7 p.m. Friday at the partnership’s office.

“It’s an opportunity for parents to see all in one place some of the things that can happen when a teen party gets out of control or isn’t supervised properly,” said Cheryl Bricker, Partnership of Community Resources executive director. “We want parents to be more vigilant and more aware. We’re trying to give parents an eye-opener of what can happen if they are home and allowing this.”

The Students Taking on Prevention youth group are acting out various scenarios throughout the mock party including drinking games, smoking a hooka and marijuana, and the risky behaviors that accompany substance use at a teen party.

The first Teen Parties Exposed was in 2008 and had a turnout of about 100 people.

The 35-40-minute tours take parents through a teen bedroom, the living room, the bathroom and a mock hotel room.

“There are a lot of parents who think it’s OK to rent a hotel room for kids after prom,” Bricker said. “We want to teach parents that parties have to be supervised by parents on site. That’s the key.”

Deputies from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office will demonstrate their controlled party dispersal technique, and paramedics will also demonstrate how they respond to a drug overdose or alcohol poisoning.

The tour will conclude with a debriefing with juvenile probation and a school district counselor about what was seen or unseen in the teen bedroom.

Parents can also ask questions, get parenting tips, and learn the consequences for their teenager and for themselves when officers do respond to a party.

Educational materials will be available about how to prevent teens from going to parties and about the different illegal drugs being used. The latest copy of the laws dealing with juveniles will also be available.

“Not all these situations happen at parties. Kids don’t plan to have parties that turn into something like this,” Bricker said. “We’re trying to help parents understand that these things can happen and kids can lose control of the situation quickly. This is the only way we can get across the variety of situations that can happen.”

Partnership of Community Resources is located at 1517 Church Street in Gardnerville.

For more information call 782-8611.