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Teen arrested for having loaded gun at school

Staff reports

An 18-year-old Douglas High School senior was arrested Friday for bringing a loaded .38 revolver to the Douglas High School parking lot.

Sgt. Lance Modispacher said Cory Hinsz was charged with possession of a firearm on school grounds, a gross misdemeanor. Hinsz was in custody in Douglas County Jail.

“The weapon was a .38-caliber special, stainless steel, fully-loaded with five rounds and a three-inch barrel,” Modispacher said.

Modispacher said a concerned citizen called the high school and alerted Vice Principal John Carlson that Hinsz was on his way to the high school with the gun.

“Mr. Carlson called us immediately to let us know there was the possibility of a student on the way with a gun in his vehicle,” Modispacher said. “Our deputies were watching for him and followed him onto the school grounds. Mr. Carlson met the student and told him that we knew he had a gun. He cooperated with the officers who retrieved the weapon from under the driver’s seat of his vehicle.”

If convicted, Hinsz could face up to one year in jail and a $2,000 fine. He also faces expulsion from school.

Modispacher had praise for the school’s quick response.

“This is not the first time Mr. Carlson has been successful in protecting the students at the high school by working very closely with the sheriff’s department,” Modispacher said. “He’s always very concerned about the welfare of the kids and helps us any way possible.

“He didn’t just take this information about the gun and keep it from us. His preparation was excellent and gave us the opportunity to get there and handle it successfully.”